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SMM – Social Media Marketing

They like your business, time to build a relationship!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Having a great search engine friendly website is no more an option if you want to expand your business opportunities. Social Brand names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and google plus are social media giants that need your attention in order to gain more business. Social media, alongside brilliant online marketing campaign, can be leveraged to product intelligent results for the businesses. Social Media Marketing is an amalgamation of all strategies and tactics employed to increase business visibility at various social media websites in order to gain loyal customer base.

You already have accounts at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other websites. What next?

So you got an account at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, youtube, StumbleUpon, and Digg etc.? Great! What next? Have you managed your accounts to gain loyal list of followers that are following your tweets and status updates, and buying your products & services? Big companies like Levi’s, Dell, HP and Skittles have all used the power of social media marketing campaigns, and its time you do the same.

What do stats say?

An estimated February survey of social media websites shows that 35% of facebook users are aged in between 18 and 25 years. An estimated 53.5 billion minutes are spent on facebook per month, which is the highest ever recorded in the history. Yahoo comes next with 17.2 billion minutes per month. With the immense power of social media networking websites, it is no wonder to quickly grab the slice of market share by creating high quality landing pages and business profiles on facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, etc.

If Facebook were to be a country, it would be the 2nd largest in the world, having immense power on social media marketing strategies. In 2010, finally after a long Super Bowling advertisement series run for a span of 23 years, Pepsi withdrew its investment, and injected in the Social Media campaigns like Twitter Marketing Facebook Marketing and Blogging.

Blog Management and creation of Landbook pages:

Web Designer VIP website designing team would create engaging and visually appealing facebook landing pages, twitter backgrounds and many LinkedIn profiles, etc. in order to capture the attention of your targeted audience. We craft social media marketing strategies based upon your company goals, objectives, and exact requirements.

Starting and maintaining a company blog is the best possible way to reach out new customers, users, and clients and develop a loyal following. Web Designer VIP design, manage and SEO optimize the blog for you so that you get known in the online world.

Do you know that businesses having blogs get roughly 50% more traffic than non-blog oriented businesses? Those businesses that continuously update their blogs get more traffic and more targeted customers ending up buying their products and services.

A visually engaging and interestingly written blog post is the best answer to get highly targeted and relevant traffic to your website. It should not be similar to that of a press release, but in a very informal way of having conversations with the clients. We teach companies to write engaging blog posts to capture the targeted audience.

Social bookmarking

Writing is not enough. Spread your message and for this purpose, we use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Digg, and StumbleUpon, status updates to inform your followers about your blog/site updates. We don’t guarantee that every message would be read by all of your followers, but most of your interested followers would definitely be interested in knowing more about your company and its products.

Analyzing every campaign

It is best to analyze the after effects of a social media marketing campaign to track down the results. We answer questions like:

  1. What was the ROI?
  2. How many targeted leads and customers captured?
  3. How many fans responded to status updates?
  4. How much traffic has been generated?

By answering these questions, we readjust the strategy to fit according to your needs and requirements.

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