Internet Marketing & SEM

Marketing Solutions

Advertise your business online using the power of SEM, Search Engine Marketing. SEM, as abbreviated for the term, is the process of advertising your website on top of search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords and gaining instant results. Unlike SEO, every click costs and the stiffer the competition, the higher the cost per click!

Why hire Web Designer VIP to handle your SEM needs?

SEM is a great way to gain targeted traffic in minutes. Unfortunately, many internet marketers fail to deploy a proper marketing strategy & plan and end up draining thousands of dollars of their clients on clicks not worth the money. This is what we avoid. We make sure that every click yields maximum ROI for your business.

Internet marketers employed by Web Designer VIP work diligently in a skillful manner to maximize your ROI on every click. We write high quality advertisement copies for maximum conversions.

The combination of SEO and SEM yield out greater, laser focused results in Google AdWords, MSN Ad Center, and Yahoo Search Marketing. Our expert team does all of the following for you:

  1. Free setup and installation
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Landing Page Optimization
  4. Competition analysis
  5. Website Analysis
  6. Google Analytics Integration
  7. Bidding & reporting
  8. Budget Management
  9. Compete & achieve instant top rankings
  10. Maximum ROI management – Cost effective and efficient

We strategically define your marketing plan and implement it so that your message is reached out to the highest number of targeted audience.